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Commission Info

Commission Status: Open for Spring 2023

Please read through my Terms of Service & Use before putting in a commission request. Thank you!


Terms of Service & Use (Spring 2023)

**Please read through this page before sending me commission inquiries! Thank you.

By requesting my commission services, you are hereby agreeing to follow these Terms of Service & Use. Refusal to agree to these terms means you may not seek my commission services. If you break any terms, you forfeit rights to any commissioned work and are prohibited from commissioning me in the future.
I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.
Commissions must be paid for up front in USD via Paypal before any work will be started. Full payment upfront is preferred if possible, but a 50% upfront payment can be negotiated. Any commission that is paid for in half upfront will only be completed to a half-way point, and will not be finished until remainder of the payment is received.
Please do not use my stream's tips page for payment as it makes records difficult to organize. Any money that is sent through my StreamElements tips page or with Twitch bits will be considered donations and will not be counted as payment towards any commissions
Rush Orders
Should you require an order to be delivered in specific time frame, you may opt to pay for a rush order fee of 30-50% (depending on the time frame requested) in order to meet that deadline. This fee will be applied to any additional features you are looking to add at the time of the rush order. Please note that I may not always be able to accommodate for ever single rush order, and I reserve the right to refuse your commission if it does not work with my schedule.
Refund requests will only be accepted before any work for the commission has been started. I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission at full before a commission’s completion.
Commission Use
Unless otherwise stated in the specific commission category, copyright of the produced artwork within these commission terms remains with me. You are free to share the finished artwork on social media and private channels provided that proper credits are given to me. Reproduction of any commissions for the purposes of selling is forbidden unless previously negotiated otherwise.
Please contact me privately to negotiate a commercial rate before paying for the commission if you intend for the artwork to be reproduced for commercial use.
I do NOT do crypto related work. You may not mint my commissions (or any of my artwork for that matter).

Commission Process

All communication must be held through any of these following private communication channels:
Discord: @Keeterz#0911
Twitter: @Keeterz_ (I prefer not to use Twitter DMs if possible, but the option is there)
To start the commission process, submit a commission request form (linked at the top via the "Commission Form" button) and I will contact you back via your preferred communication channel. Please understand that this may not guarantee a commission slot as that will depend on availability.
During communications I request that you be very clear, to the point, and respectful so we can go through the commission process both smoothly and efficiently. I will do my best to do the same, and I reserve the right to refuse service in an event that the language being used makes me uncomfortable.
Please provide ample reference, especially for your original characters. This is to reduce as much guesswork as possible and will give me a much easier time on completing the commission in a timely fashion.
Additional Complexity
If you, the client, want me to draw something that would require me to take much more time than I am usually comfortable with (i.e. very intricate details, complex poses/perspective, vehicles, special lighting, etc), I may charge additional fees to compensate for the extra time.
I will let you know in the negotiation process if this will be an issue so we can plan accordingly to something both you (the client) and I (the artist) can agree upon.Changes
If you want me to make any sweeping changes to the artwork, please let me know early on in the sketching phase. Big changes require much more time, and the more we can solidify early on in the artwork, the better it is both for you as the commissioner to receive the completed artwork at a reasonable time as well as for myself as the artist for both efficiency and sanity’s sake. I would like to stress: do not be afraid to let me know if I need to change or fix something. I will not find it offensive at all as long as it is communicated in a respectful way, but please let me know as early as possible so it does not become an expensive fix!
Any big changes requested when the artwork has already gone through significant progress may incur additional charges, and a maximum of three big changes in early progress will be allowed before an additional charge will be incurred.

What I Will/Won't Do

Will Do:

  • Fan-art of existing characters (as long as they don't fall within the Won't Do list)

  • Your original Characters with existing designs/artwork (this is not a character design service)

  • Your characters from MMOs/games/etc (please provide screenshots)

Ask Me:

  • NSFW/R-18+*: I'm pretty open about being a cultured individual and generally won't mind drawing R-18 stuff as long as it isn't too weird for my tastes, but please just ask me first; I'll let you know if it's within my tolerances

Won't Do:

  • Excessive violence/gore, snuff

  • Political/religious stuff

  • Anything that is racist, anti-LGBTQA+, or prejudiced against any particular groups of people in nature (will lead to immediate block on all communication as well as ban from commission services)

  • Other people’s styles (please just commission those artists instead)

  • NSFW/R-18+: very clearly underage characters, actual people that have not consented to R-18+ depictions of them (will lead to immediate block on all communication as well as ban from commission services)

*As stated before, I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

Once you have read through and agreed to the following terms, you can either check the commission types, pricing, and examples with the button on the left, or if you are ready you can submit your commission request via the Google form with the button on the right:

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